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bootstrap theme InnovaSat has created an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) that conforms the central line for our efficient fleet management and mobility services. With our products and services you will be able to define, assign, and monitor all the activities carried out by your fleet vehicles and your sales force. We are the platform's owners. This allows us to customize our solution to fit your special requirements, while at the same time allowing for the integration with you existing applications. With the assistance of our consultants you will be able to analyze in detail all your operations, and identify the time and resources that are rendered useless, and implement an optimal redistribution.

bootstrap theme Our specialized consultants will assist you in identifying the possible causes for the increase of your operational costs and will recommend the measures to be taken in order to minimize them. With the help of tools for cost analysis and distribution you will know your fleet's profitability as well as the efficiency and performance of each vehicle and driver. Through our advanced platform you will monitor your fleet and, at the same time, you will be able to establish rules and restrictions to the use of the vehicles and the routes, thus gaining total control over your fleet.